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Generally, no. Most collection accounts are handled on a contingency fee basis. That means if we don’t collect you pay no legal fees to us. If legal action is required, and a judgment is entered in your favor, the debtor is required to pay all your filing fees. With guidance from us, you can set up your client contracts, so they reimburse you for attorney fees as well

We know that HIPAA issues are very serious to our clients, that is why our entire staff is trained annually on all HIPAA issues. We have developed a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program that is based on custom policies and procedures that meet the federal regulations.

The attorneys at Gilliam & Mikula have successfully helped thousands of individuals avoid unforgiving penalties arising from traffic violations. Having a traffic offense on your record can eventually lead to loss of your license and, for individuals with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), your livelihood. Call Gilliam & Mikula now to ask about how we can advocate on your behalf.

There are a handful of ways even a glass or two of wine can result in a DUI or DWI conviction. While the best thing to do is always to have another individual drive you home, if you do make a mistake and find yourself facing a DUI/DWI charge, you may be facing heavy penalties—such as jail time, court-mandated community service, or more. Frequently, obtaining the most favorable outcome for your case is dependent upon a fact-specific inquiry. Call Gilliam & Mikula today to learn how our diligent legal team represent you.

Probation violations or Show Causes often result when you were originally in trouble and then are accused of violating certain requirements imposed by the court. The accomplished attorneys at Gilliam & Mikula are here to review the facts of any current and old charges and advise you as to whether plea agreements, reduced sentences, or alternative outcomes may be available to you. With decades of experience in the courts of Richmond and the surrounding areas, Gilliam & Mikula can assist in reaching the best result for you or your loved one. Call our offices now to learn more.

Determinations as to whether a criminal defendant should be let out on bail ultimately come down to how the factual allegations as well as how effectively a defendant’s attorney can argue certain mitigating factors to the judge. The experienced attorneys at Gilliam & Mikula can petition for a bond hearing for your loved one and consult with you how to present a solid case to the court.

Being convicted of a criminal offense can result in harsh penalties, and you or your loved one need representation that is intimately familiar with local court systems and ready to advocate for the most favorable outcome. The attorneys at Gilliam & Mikula are here to review the facts of your case and defend against unsupported evidence. Our committed team acts quickly to ensure that your case is given the attention it deserves. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation.

If you or a loved one has been appointed court representation but feel that individually retained counsel can better advocate for your case, Gilliam & Mikula offers a dedicated, efficient team of attorneys and paralegals to come to your defense. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation.

We resolve a great number of personal injury cases through settlements. If this happens in your case, that means you would not need to go to court. We prepare for all cases as though we are going to trial, and this give us the leverage when negotiating with the insurance company

While there is no specific time, because this depends on many factors, if a settlement is reached your case could end much sooner than if it goes to trial

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